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When you are looking for a furball companion to add to your family, we are sure you would be considering numerous factors such as its maintenance, dietary needs, and most importantly, its personality. Some people prefer gentle and quiet cats, and others prefer cats that can accompany their lives, just like the Abyssinian cats. Abyssinian cats are known for their clingy and playful personality, almost like dogs. Surprisingly, despite being a ball of fire, they do not speak very much, which some prefer over other loud pets. 
Apart from their sleek, slinky build and clear ticked coat, their hyperactivity distinguishes Abyssinian cats. They are known as the clowns of the cat kingdom for that reason; they can make your days colorful with their antics. It is probably impossible for you to get bored of their amusing behavior. An Abyssinian cat is a playful pet; hence they are always on their toes. If you have the extra space, an Abyssinian cat shall be the perfect furball as your companion since they love to jump and are very curious about their surroundings. Having an Abyssinian cat in your home will surely brighten up your day. 
If you are worried you will not handle their prolonged hyperactive behavior, fret not. Cats are still cats, and the Abys are no different from other breeds, except that they are extra playful than other breeds. They will start their hyperactive phase as early as two months old, as most other kittens would. When they reach their mature age of 2 years, they will slow down exploring. They do not stay super active their whole lives if that is what you’re worried about. But really, how can you say no to having such a mirthful creature scampering about in your house? 
Abyssinian cats are not uncontrollably hyperactive. They are considered one of the most intelligent breeds out there. They love interactive puzzles such as feeder puzzles or any interactive toys to keep them occupied. Some people claimed to have trained their Abys to be put on a leash. They are brilliant. Therefore, you need to spend a little extra time on the little attention seekers and teach them, such as restricting their playing area to a designated spot where breakables are out of the way. The Abys would appreciate tree houses with multiple levels since they are avid climbers and explorers. 
Being hyperactive does not mean they will only play all day long. Abyssinian cats are also very affectionate, which means yes, they are still cuddly cats. They will occasionally seek refuge in your arms if they feel like it. As mentioned before, these cats are very much alike to dogs. They will shadow you as you go about your daily life. They can be good, entertaining companions when you’re gardening, when you are preparing lunch in the kitchen, or even when you sit down for quiet reading. Most of the time, Abyssinian cats do need human attention due to their clingy nature. Still, they can also entertain themselves very well, whether with the toys you’ve provided or just exploring the space since Abyssinian cats are quite the adventurers. After all, they are still cats, and all cats will enjoy a chunk of solitary time on their own. 
In a nutshell, the hyperactive personality of an Abyssinian cat is not as exhausting as it is painted to be. Being hyperactive is not an alarming concern. Instead, it is one of the traits you will love the most in Abyssinian cats. They are friendly little bundles of joy that will leave a deep mark in your lives, and you will create loads of beautiful memories together.




The thought of introducing a new Abyssinian kitten to your other pets can be intimidating. If you consider introducing an Abyssinian kitten to your home, rest assured that it will go well. The Abyssinian breed is affectionate and highly capable of interacting well not only with humans but with other animals as well. 

Abyssinian kittens will be easy to introduce to the pets because of their friendly nature. They are very easy-going with new faces, and instead of being agitated or threatened, they tend to be curious and seek to engage with other pets and human beings. 

Since the Abyssinian breed is very active and playful, they enjoy any form of company. Therefore, they will be happier with more friends to play with. Unlike most cats, Abyssinian cats have lesser territorial instincts and do not mind sharing the attention of family members with other animals. They see these interactions as opportunities to play and explore even more. 

However, Abyssinian kittens will react according to their surroundings. If they feel threatened and the existing pet is being unfriendly, your Abyssinian cat may act aggressively defensive as a result. Therefore, your current pet needs an open personality and the Abyssinian kitten’s companion. 

It’s a different story if your existing pet is just not keen on quick introductions. Introducing Abyssinian kittens to your pets must be done gently and not rushed. This will ensure a smooth transition for the new cat to your home and your existing pet to adapt, preventing unwanted fights. As cat owners, it is no surprise that not all cats can be friendly on the spot, but routine and repetition can ensure mutual understanding between the two. Monitor them while they sniff each other to get familiar with each other’s scents, but be ready for one of them to suddenly erupt if the other gets a little too close into its personal space. No worries, because Abyssinian kittens will always be friendlier in a new furry friend. If you are curious, yes, Abyssinian cats will get along pretty well with dogs due to their already dog-like personality, provided that the dog also comes from a social nature. 

Although some Abyssinian cats can immediately accept your other pets, it might take from 2 to 6 weeks to ultimately settle in and get used to their new friends. This process cannot be rushed, but we assure you that the bonding and settling-in process is joyful and heartwarming to experience.


Moving can be a stressful process for cats, considering the change of environment they have to adapt to. Car rides can also be traumatising to some furry pals. The very first thing you should do is to make sure the kitten is confined in a carrier all the way to avoid any blowup that can cause it even more stress. Only release it once you have reached home.

Introducing them to your home must be done without rush. You have to consider the kitten’s previous surroundings and condition. It is already well-established how attached the Abyssinian breed is, therefore the kitten might still be dealing with separation issues from its breeder or mother. You must allow it some time and space to completely adjust itself to your home.

On its arrival, you must first ensure that other pets are not present in the room to prevent the Abyssinian kitten getting overwhelmed and lashing out. Let it come out of the carrier on its own will and try to encourage it out with food and water. The kitten might be shy at first and hide under furnitures or jump on top of tall ones as an attempt to hide, but as mentioned before, give it space to explore the space at its own pace. Be careful to not do anything that might startle them.

However, do make sure that there are no openings for it to rush outside of your home because this can be dangerous for the kitten since it is an unfamiliar area for it. You can let the kitten out only after it has completely adjusted to your indoor surroundings, which can take up to at least a month, and introducing them outdoors should also be done slowly.

It is essential for you to make sure it knows that you are present, to show that you can be trusted while the kitten slowly adapts itself to your home. You should spend several peaceful hours with the kitten at the beginning, in order for you to gain its trust. Encourage it to the litter box, for instance, and try to give them a few gentle pats to calm it down. Don’t forget to provide it with some sort of sleeping arrangement, and it is always safe to provide a few options, from a fancy cat bed to a simple cardboard box that no cat can ever resist. This can provide a sense of reassurance to your Abyssinian kitten and easing them into your home.

It is common for cats to behave aggressively when they first arrive at a new place, such as refusing to use litter boxes, excessive vocalising or refusing to eat, but don’t worry too much, and keep on encouraging them gently, reassuring them that your home is a safe space for them to settle down. This behaviour wouldn’t last very long, but it all boils down to your coaxing and the surroundings of your home.


Abyssinian cat and British Shorthair Cat Compare – which breed is good for you.


"Abyssinian cat and British Shorthair Cat Compare – which breed is good for you. "Deciding on what breed of cat you want to bring home can be hard with all the adorable options available. We can assure you that an Abyssinian cat is a breed you should definitely consider, especially if you are looking for options other than the British Shorthair. While they are both loyal breeds, they are polar opposites. A British Shorthair definitely has a more mellow personality that is only enough to be considered as silent company. They are not too keen on playing since they prefer to spend their time being by themselves instead. They can be calm as cucumbers if you pick them up to snuggle with them, and they will adore you just as much as you adore them. However, the presence of an Abyssinian cat is sure to liven up your home with its playful antics, and you will still get loads of affection with their friendly company throughout the day. You will win the best of both worlds with Abyssinian cats. Therefore we highly recommend the lively Abyssinian cats for families, with or without kids, as the family companion. As an influential Abyssinian cat breeder in Selangor, Malaysia, we ensure that you get the Abyssinian cats you want and need.

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