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Abyssinian cat



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Abyssinian cat 


The thought of introducing a new pet to your home can be intimidating, especially if you already 

have other pets roaming the place. If you are considering to introduce an Abyssinian kitten to 

your home, rest assured that it will go well. The Abyssinian breed is affectionate and highly 

capable of interacting well not only with humans, but with other animals as well.

Abyssinian kittens will be easy to introduce to the household because of their friendly nature. 

They are very easy-going with new faces and instead of being agitated or threatened, they 

tend to be curious and seek to engage with other pets as well as human beings. Since the 

Abyssinian breed is very active and playful, they enjoy any form of company therefore they 

will be happier with more friends to play with. Unlike most cats, Abyssinian cats has lesser 

territorial instincts and does not mind sharing the attention of family members with other pets. 

They see these interactions as opportunity to play and explore even more. 

However, Abyssinian kittens will react according to their surroundings. If they feel threatened 

and the existing pet is being unfriendly, your Abyssinian cat may act aggressively defensive

as a result. Therefore, it is essential for your existing pet to have an open personality as well

to the Abyssinian kitten’s companion. 

It’s a different story if your existing pet is just not keen about prompt introductions. Introducing 

Abyssinian kittens to your home must be done gently and not rushed. This will ensure smooth

transition for the new cat to your home and for your existing pet to adapt, preventing any

unwanted fights. As cat owners, it is no surprise that not all cats can be friendly on the spot 

but routine and repetition can ensure the formation of mutual understanding between the two.

Monitor them while they sniff each other to get familiar with each other’s scents, but be ready 

for one of them to suddenly erupt if the other gets a little too close into its personal space. No

worries, because Abyssinian kittens will almost always be the friendlier one in a new furry 

friendship. If you are curious, yes, Abyssinian cats will get along pretty well with dogs due to 

their already dog-like personality, provided that the dog also comes from a social nature. 

Abyssinian cats will take from 6 to 12 months to completely settle in and get used to your 

home. This process cannot be rushed but we assure you that the bonding and settling in 

process is joyful and heartwarming to experience. 



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